Alden Valkyrie

Famous Captain from famous bloodline (at least in the Kaltoran region)


Slightly higher than most generic Kaltorans, Alden for sure stands out from among its peers; however its not because of his height: it is because of him booming and almost visible confidences and charisma.
He is the kind of guy that you can just look at and think to yourself: “I just know I will be in good hands in his hands for no particular reason.”


Being just graduated from the Spacecraft school; which is a newly founded academy that focuses on quickly exploring the rest of the galaxy.
School was easy thanks to the line of memories of captains in the Valkyrie bloodline, top in class to be precise.
Alden is eager to start out its legendary tale and prolonging the legacy of his name; however just as where every great captain starts: he need a ship and a crew.
Luckily the AAA LLC invitation came in just in-time: describing them needing some specific set of skills in the upcoming economical adventure;
And that’s where Alden would go, to set out and write the first page in his Captain’s journal.

Alden Valkyrie

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