Amy Lasers

Short Kaltoran Botanist, with the curiosity of a cat.


Amy Lasers is an extra-small Kaltoran with blonde dreadlocks, and huge glasses with various levels of enhancements, and many hidden weapons which she never uses since she seems to panic under threat to life and limb.

She can always be seen wearing the formal regalia of the Kadash Restoration Institute of which she is a member.

Is one of the system’s leading botanists, and will go to great lengths to care for her specimens, to collect new ones, and to push the field to new limits.

Appearances (of Note)

Mission 002 – One of the Kaltoran representatives for the joint-race expedition. Hid in a supply box during the attack by the Warmind raiders. Retrieved the Helix Blossom before the unsealed lab had to be destroyed.

Amy Lasers

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