Audrey Sparks

Rebellious Teen Alien Pirate Hacker


Relationship Status with Vivienne: It’s Complicated

Stats: 4/4/2/2/4/2

Resource: 4/5 Progress: 0/3
Influence: 4/5 Progress: 1/3

+1 Physical
+1 Awareness
+1 Electronics
+2 Programming
+4 Bio Tech
+2 Medicine
+1 Tactical
+2 Exotic
+2 Engineering
+1 Gunnery

::Pistol, Particle, Telescopic Lens (14t)
::Balanced Weapon, Nano-Bone, Long, Low Quality, Personalized, Targeting Matrix, Guards (0+14t+12t+12t+10t) aka Elizabeth
::Swarm Drone, with Balanced Weapon, Composite, Long (3) aka Tobias Andrei
::Tactical Armour, Parasitic, Low Quality, Pack Space, Personalized (0) aka George
::Large Combat Shield (12t)
::Medicine Toolbox (14t)
::Bio Tech Toolbox (14t)

-Intelligence:Neural Implant


A short green woman, barely more than a meter tall, with clothes that look less like adornments and more like a monster tried to eat her and failed to finish the job. A mechanical bird of dull yellow and orange hues sits upon her shoulder, its beak sharpened to a deadly blade.

Vivienne Sparks has spent many a night poring over legal documents and making long distance telephone calls, and many days staring at a screen showing a bright green egg of some sort. Contained within this bright green egg was supposed to be Vivienne’s successor, a specially grown Nephilim emissary, implanted with Vivienne’s own brain tissue and an advanced neural processor, who would bridge the gap between biology and technology in her research.

Unfortunately, due to the untested nature of such a procedure, the neural implant accelerated mental development, and imbued the life-form with sentience and individuality far ahead of schedule. She then proceeded to, from within the egg, reach out with her implants and hack all the surveillance equipment, find a local ship, and managed to break out of her egg and stow away on it after disabling its security system for a brief period.

After a while, she managed to finally make it to AAA LLC in a large crate, and managed to hack their database and insert her name in as a valid employee so that she could express her newfound individuality and rejection of her purpose by going on adventures to locations she’d never been to – and was immediately sent on the next mission back to Eden.

Vivienne’s programming attempted to instill in Audrey the primal desires and values of herself: her dedication to wealth and research, her understanding and love of technology, and her curious inquisitive nature. This was partially successful, but Audrey has developed a few quirks of her own. She values wealth, but only in that it grants her power over her own fate. She understands technology, but has no respect for it and compulsively tries to bend every subsystem she comes across to her will.

Audrey’s rather fast incubation period has had some side-effects other than her small stature. She is often playful, preferring to ride around on people’s shoulders that to actually walk, despite having the capability to do so without much effort. She is impulsive, acting on ideas quickly before their full ramifications can be analyzed. She has very little understanding of social norms and an extremely brief primer on the different cultures that exist outside of Vivienne’s own life, AAA LLC, and general information on Eden and the Nephilim. Over time, these gaps will be filled, and Audrey may very well be able to cooperate with others.

Audrey’s relationship with what she calls her mother is a strained one at best, their interactions are outlined briefly below.

First meeting: Vivienne found out about her escape and was outraged, Audrey declared her independence, Vivienne was distraught and returned to her office, much in need of sleep.

Second meeting: Audrey found Vivienne collapsed in her office, various notes scattered about and crumpled up. She decided to leave her alone for the time being, wait for her to calm down before maybe patching things up with the only being she has anything remotely in common with.

Third Meeting: Vivienne came back to AAA LLC after a spur of the moment pirate adventure. A hilarious conversation ensued, leaving Audrey dumbfounded.

Audrey Sparks

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