Bartholomew Delacroix

Sketchy, Corpulent Curator of the Museum of the Ancients


Mr. Delacroix is a balding, middle-aged Corp with a curly mustache and a shiny black toupee. He is quite large. His Chin’s Chins have Chins. He is always wearing a fancy suit, and black pants, both a few sizes too small.

He speaks with in a haughty, thick, high-society Corp accent.

He is apparently very wealthy, and has some unspecified connection with a high ranking executive of Argos Inc. He recently opened, and is the curator of, the Museum of the Ancients, and has formed a working business partnership with AAA LLC.

Missions Completed

#001. Welcome to the Jungle. Retrieved the Priestess of Mishpacha.
Complications: Intel failure and surprise Stone Sentinels.
#003. Asteroid Farming. Retrieved the mechanoid spider in a box.
Complications: Sour battle.
#008. Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Recovered stolen sports ball.
Complications: Sour battle.

(When you take a mission from him, you can expect it to be more difficult and have unforeseen complications.)


As of Mission 007, Joel Walker has sold his soul to Bart in exchange for access to his library.

Bart is the subject of a divisive internal dispute between believers in The Bart Conspiracy, and members of #TeamMakeBartProud.

Bartholomew Delacroix

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