Cat Burglar

Crazy Cat Lady, who is also a crazy good shot.


A mysterious, and apparently insane woman who lives in an abandoned pet store on Alabaster 3 with a large number of cats. Seems to have a very cat-like face, fur, ears, and all. Is a master of stealth and acrobatic stunts, as well as being quite dangerous with a gun.

Appearances of Note:
Mission 008: Was the culprit responsible for stealing a historical sports ball from Abe Boothe. Seemed to steal it for some reason other than money, as it was far from the most valuable thing in the museum she stole it from, she refused offers to buy it, and was encountered playing with it with her cats. In the ensuing battle, she inflicted nearly mortal wounds upon Vivienne Sparks.

Was convinced by Derrick I. Lanson to let the party go as he refused to harm the cats, and was the first Corp she encountered who actually seemed like he just wanted to play.

Cat Burglar

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