Joel Walker

Social and Cultural Expert



Name: Joel Walker
Role: Cultural Expert
Race: Corp (Half-Kaltoran)

Tactical Summary

Well-versed in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics. Possesses advanced debate and negotiation skills. Has an unusual knack for adapting quickly to varied social and cultural environments. During mandatory combat assessment, proved competent with sidearms, and though he denied it, his approaches to the exercise indicate stealth training. Also demonstrated sufficient command proficiency to merit consideration as first-mate.

Recommended uses – Cultural research, negotiation with locals, infiltration, auxiliary leadership.

Full Details

Level: 8
Age: 49

Strength: 2
Reflexes: 3
Movement: 2
Focus: 4
Intelligence: 3
Perception: 4
Fate: 1

Perks: Minor Contact (Fence in Alabaster)
Complications: Prejudice from Corp and Kaltorans (unless disguised), Enemy, Secret

Resources: 7
Influence: 8
Spare Time: 1

Core Skills:
- Wealth
- Conversation
- Leadership
- Culture
- Awareness
- Psychology

Weapon Skills:
- Small Arms
- Heavy Arms

Ship Skills:
- Command
- Operations

- Dark Past
- Slow and Steady
- Laws and Customs
- Charming
- Subtle Bribe
- Interrogator
- Room Sweeper
- Blast Zone


Largely unknown. Hints of his name were located throughout various Corp communications in the last few decades. Records suggest he was born to a lower class family, excelled in his education, and traveled extensively during his early career, though the reason for these travels is unclear and sometimes even contradictory.

Joel Walker

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