Melvin Maximus, Gunnery Accountant


Strength: 1
Reflexes: 2
Movement: 2
Focus: 3
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 5

Trait: Perfect Aim, Coordinated Strike

Trained Skills: Wealth, Awareness, Mechanics, Electronics, Planetoids, Conversation
Heavy Arms, Tactical
Engineering, Gunnery

Low Quality, Environmentally Adapted Clothing (Temperate)
Rail Puncture Rifle with a Laser Sighted Tactical Scope and a Tripod

Tactical Headset


level 2


Gunnery Sergent turned accountant, through my travels and battles in the glorious world of accounting and corporate 9 to 5, I unfortunately discovered that the Corps business leader that I was working for was running Illegal Arms and Artifacts using the business as a cover up. In my best efforts to return the goods to their rightful owners, I may or may not have been dishonorably discharged from my most noble of accounting positions.

Melvin Maximus, Gunnery Accountant

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