Tommy Bumpkin

Expert Sensor Engineer and Spaceship Wrangler


Engineer who has been perfecting sensor technology for tracking the Great Nephilim Spacecraft Stampede and isolating single Nephilim Spacecraft. Teamed up with AAA LLC during Shipherd along with his partner. Uncle Craig.

Associates Danielle Strider and Vivienne Sparks cobbled together a wrangling device using their sensor and a prototype spacecraft lasso weapon to successfully wrangle a Taurus Class ship.

Reluctantly let the party keep the wrangled ship in exchange for the cobbled together wrangling weapon, and a promise from Alden Valkyrie that they would help wrangle a spacecraft during the next stampede. Had negotiations not convinced him, he would have, by his own admission, chosen the unwise course of tangling with the team.

Tommy Bumpkin

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