Uljadi "Jade" Star-Seeker



A Twi-Far of below average height but above average enthusiasm, clad in armour more ornamental than functional, who keeps a great number of concealable weaponized paint can launchers on her person. She has light hair, and under duress you may even get to see her eyes glow. Loves playing instruments, making art, and stargazing.


Strength Reflex Movement Focus Intelligence Perception
2 1 2 4 5 4


Everyday Skills Trained Bonus Tools
Wealth No -2 None
Conversation No -2 None
Leadership No -2 None
Culture Yes 1 None
Physical No -2 None
Resolve Yes 1 None
Awareness No -2 None
Survival No -2 None
Professional Skills Trained Bonus Tools
Mechanics Yes 1 None
Electronics Yes 1 None
Programming No -2 None
Bio Tech No -2 None
Medicine Yes 2 Toolbox
Psychology No -2 None
Astronomy Yes 2 None
Planetoids No -2 None

Traits and Racial Features

Race: Twi-far
     Faren-Blast: A single Cost 1 or 2 Weapon with the Energy Keyword gains the Natural and Slow Keywords, and hase −3 Weight.
     +1 Astronomy, Command, Operations, and Heavy Arms.
     +1 Armour vs Energy
     Gain Language: Twilinger
     −2 Maximum Strength
     Any Attack with the Energy Keyword that causes you Endurance Damage gains Splash +1
     −2 Stealth
     You may not take Implant Traits
Exotic: Wise Faren
     Strong Hit: Faren’s Whisper (Does not Req Hit or Success): Add +2 to this Roll.
     −2 Combat Order

Complication Bounty (High Class Graffiti)


These Stats Include Bonuses From Attributes For Typical Actions
Name Color Hit Splash End Crit Range Clips Quantity
Fireworks Red 3 2 5 4 4 3 3
Bed of Nails White 1 3 7 3 4 3 2
Break It Down Purple 0 2 3 2 1 3 1
Bubble Trouble Blue 1 2 3 2 4 2 1
Party Time Confetti 3 3 - - 6 4 1
Spice of Life Green 3 2 1d6+1 2 5 4 1
Dim the Lights Black 1 1 7 2 4 2 3

In Depth Equipment

Common Grenade Properties All grenades are small, slow, have -2 to all Weapon Modification Spare Time Rolls, May use Snap Shot or Sighted Shot (Cannot use Throw Action), and +4 to Hide Weapon. All grenades have 1 ammo, 0 load, 1 rate of fire, 1 weight, and 0 cost.

Fireworks Grenade, Kinetic Shell Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification. No additional effects. Tactical uses centered around aoe crit damage.

Bed of Nails Grenade, Shrapnel Shell Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification. No additional effects. Tactical uses centered around massive area endurance damage.

Break It Down Grenade, Snare Shell Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification. This is an Impair weapon, using the Impair action with this weapon allows you to apply the Grabbed, Prone, or Move 1 effect to all targets hit. Escape vs Grab is done vs Defense 14. Tactical uses are limited due to the lack of range bonus on the Impair Action. After attaining the feats Telekinetic Pro and Bounce Shot, this weapon can be used to activate Bounce Shot’s +1 Crit Damage with Thrown against Prone Targets for other weapons.

Bubble Trouble Grenade, Electro-Gravity Shell Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification. This weapon is Blunt, and has Strong Hit: Float Targets (Hit) Debuff All Targets: -1 Cover Step, reduce all Movement by 2 (minimum 0) and Push moves Targets 1 additional space until your next Turn. Due to the inconsistency of getting strong hits on a 3d6, and due to Break it Down performing its movement impairing role better, Bubble Trouble will not see significant combat use. Out of combat, it will activate the secondary part of the Telekinetic Pro trait.

Party Time Grenade, Smoke Shell Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation. Creates an Area of Limited Vision (Light Cover (+2)) for 3 minutes. This allows cover to be taken, and grants a negligible defensive bonus.

Spice of Life Adhesive Grenade, Dispersion Shell Variation, Vile Cloud Chemical Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification. Explodes at the start of my next turn. If damaged characters do not end their next Turn at least 2 spaces away from their current (upon getting damaged) location, they take 5 endurance damage. Tactical uses involve area control against enemies that have endurance, combos well with Break It Down.

Dim the Lights Disruptor Grenade, Advanced Disruptor Variation, Launcher Weapon Modification, Tiny Gun Size Variation, Low Quality Weapon Variation. Plans to obtain variant with Ripple Variation rather than Advanced for 2 endurance damage to targets with 4 armour. Energy, Blunt. Strong Hit (5-6), Strong Hit: Mass Disrupt (Hit): Debuff ALL Damaged Targets Active Non Low Tech, Non Bio Tech Weapons: Lose Ammunition equal to RoF. Tactical uses centered around high localized endurance damage and the utility of its strong hit option.

Song of the Siren Puncture Rifle, Ion Gun Variation, Low Quality Weapon Modification, Faren-Blast Racial Modification. Slow, Energy, Pen 2 min 3, Maximum Range = Rng x5. Tactical uses limited to weapon-less environments, environments which necessitate avoiding splash, and high armoured opponents. When used, the air around her is ionized in the form of an elliptical disc, and she utters a single, pure note, inaudible to all except her target. See table below for stats.

Hit End Crit Range Clips Ammo Load RoF Weight
4 4 4 9 5 3 2 1 0

Ornamental Armour Tactical Armour, Shock Plates Outfit Variation, Low Quality Outfit Modification. 2 Armour, Reduce all Attribute Damage (after Armour) by 2 (min 2).

Multispectral Visor Utility Item. Reduce all Limited Vision and Low Light penalties by 1 Step, Defense vs Stealth +2.


As a child, Uljadi Star-Seeker lived aboard the ship whose name she shares, a lesser-known scouting vessel. The Star-Seeker’s mission was to search for peace, for sanctuary, for a place the Twi-Far could fall back to should they find trouble as they so often have.

Uljadi often did not accompany the Star-Seeker on its more dangerous missions, staying behind on one of the various capital ships, or whatever other civilization was closeby. Uljadi learned much about engines, about art, and about the rich culture of the people around her, and how it differed from ship to ship, and learned to accept the differences in the lifestyles of different peoples. She would often use the culture of wherever she was left to make art of a style different from what she had seen aboard her own ship, making paintings and sculptures in an altogether different style. Her family, the crew of the Star-Seeker, would marvel at her works when they came back for her, showering her in praise and proudly displaying the beauty she had created.

But one time, after dropping her off on Alabaster II, the Star-Seeker did not return for her.

No one knows what happened to the Star-Seeker. Perhaps it found what it was looking for. Perhaps it was devoured by whatever lies out there in the dark unknown. But Uljadi’s story doesn’t end there. Quick to adapt to life on Alabaster II, she adopted the nickname “Jade” for ease of introducing herself to the local Corps. Her love of art led her to paint portraits, landscapes, and murals for various clients. One such client, either because he genuinely didn’t like her work, or because he did not wish to pay her, put a bounty on her after a particularly elegant mural of the night sky was painted on the ceiling of his lobby. Whether or not this Corp actually commissioned such a painting was lost in the bureaucratic details. Uljadi swiftly realized that her value to Corp society would need to dramatically increase in order to avoid the odd bounty hunter.

Since then, she has worked several odd jobs, including working with a maintenance crew, manning a post at a coffee shop, and working part time at a mechanic’s workshop to make knick knacks for tourists. She’s heard tales of a group of mercenaries who travel throughout the system, sometimes even helping people, making a name for themselves and providing a valuable service to their clients and company. They could make an ideal extra layer of protection until she gets this bounty thing sorted out.

Her spare time, and much of her income from her various jobs, is spent on working in her small studio, making paintings, crafting and playing musical instruments, and gazing at the stars. One day she will learn what happened to her home-ship, and show her family all the beautiful things she has made while they were gone.

Uljadi "Jade" Star-Seeker

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