MSRY 13: Callsign "Wraith"

drazzed up & dangerous

Str 5
Ref 5
Mov 5
Foc 1
Int 2
Per 0
End Rec Armor Def Psionic Impair Stealth
35 2 4 15 +2 (16) +7 (21) 10
Cover Front Armor @ 0
+0 +0 -0
Stealth Order Spare Time
+6 +2 -1

Focus Draz Addict +1 armor
Foc/Int/Per damage can’t kill you
+2 defense vs. psionics
sudden bright lights blind you for 1 turn
-2 all spare time rolls
-3 Wealth
Spare Time point cap is 2
Medicine Pharmacist +1 Survival and Biotech
You may make 1 free Spare Time Roll per session to acquire a Stim
You may spend 1 Fate point to ignore the negative effects of a single stim you have used on yourself or another character
Fate Just won’t die +1 armor @ 0 endurance

Skill Mod K B W D
+ Physical +1
+ Leadership +1
+ Resolve +1
Awareness -2
Survival -1
Conversation -3
Culture -4
Wealth -5
+ Bio Tech +3 X
+ Medicine +1 X
+ Mechanics +1 X
Electronics -2
Programming -2
Psychology -2
Astronomy -2
Planetoids -2
+ Exotic +2
+ Tactical +1
Small Arms -2
Heavy Arms -2
+ Engineering +2
+ Command +1
Operations -2
Gunnery -2

BallisTech ™ ExoSkeleton Assault Plate
Armor Defense Endurance Slots Weight Cost
+3 -1 +0 7 4 3
Defense vs Impair +2
Variation: None
Mod: Env. Sys. Able to function in THE VOID. (-1 slots)
Utility Item
Tactical Headset
Short range comms, weapons gain lock on +1, +1 defense, 0 weight, 0 cost
Hit End Crit RoF Ammo Clips Load Wgt Cost
+7 4 3 2 ( +1d6) 0 0 0
Melee, Impairment, Natural, Small, Blunt, No Variations or Modifications
Item Wgt Slots
Multi Tool 1 1 Needed to be pro
Street Draz x1 0 1 +3 armor for 3 turns, then 1 attribute damage (1d3 +3), no paramedics
2/7 slots
Level Exp Res Inf ST Research Research Trade Fate
3 0/3 4.6/5 5/5 0/2 1/16 4/16 0/16 2/2
Language Legion (+ Hand Signals)
Draz Addiction -1 Wealth, Spare Time point cap is 2
Kaltoran Prejudice Kaltorans hate you.
-2 to Leadership, Conversation, Spare Time Rolls.
Legion Prejudice Legions hate you.
-2 to Leadership, Conversation, Spare Time Rolls.

You may gain fate when these cause you issues.


Role: Highly Mobile Tank / Infiltrator
Defensive Style: Hybrid Defense / Armor
Favored Tactics: Boarding, Charging
Vulnerabilities: Social Interaction, Ambush, Stealth, Inaccessible / Fortified Enemies, Armor Penetrating Rounds, Armor Melt, Lock-On, Flashbangs.
Strong vs.: Disruptors, Neurotoxins, Light Weaponry, Limited Ammunition


His head is covered by a balaclava with a skull pattern on it, and mirrored shades. He wears a heavy ballistic vest with shoulder pads and kneepads bearing skull symbols, over black combat fatigues, with what at first appears to be a red camo pattern, but on further inspection looks more like … bloodstains. His hands are gloved, and atop his gloves, a skull ring sits on each of his massive fingers. One of his sleeves is rolled up, exposing a grey-skinned, massive arm, with a bandolier of syringes strapped around it. A number of scars cover his arm, and there’s a tattoo of the number 13. He doesn’t appear to be carrying any weapons.

Height: 2.4 m.
Weight: 160 kg.
Eyes: Luminous Teal


“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t rip your lungs out through your throat and feed them to your friend here.”

Pressing his chest directly against the barrel of an enemy’s gun. “Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it?”

“Let me make this clear. If any of you jeopardize this mission, I will gut you and strangle you with your own entrails!”

Brutal. Violent. Threatening. Intimidating. Bold. Indomitable. Tough. Gruff.

Likes: Draz. Blood.
Dislikes: Cowardice. Weakness. Corps. Kaltorans. Legions. ESPECIALLY dislikes feral Nephilim.
Fears: The “Boss” and “Big Boss”. Not much else.



Created in a lab during the early phases of the Nephilim emissary project, subject MSRY 13 was considered a colossal failure. The emissary program was designed to create nephilim that would help smooth cultural tensions between races by presenting a better image of the nephilim. 13 was an attempt at engineering an emissary with the requisite mental and social traits to perform this job well, without sacrificing the physical traits required of a super soldier. We utilized the substance you call “draz” in an attempt to enhance his physiology.

13’s engineering resulted in an emissary that possessed remarkable strength, speed, and endurance. 13’s mental and social programming, however, left much to be desired. His intellect was unremarkable, and he lacked discipline and insight. In initial tests of his suitability as an emissary, 13’s exposure to Kaltoran and Legion prejudice provoked a particularly violent reaction. Further analysis revealed his memory implantation was also largely unsuccessful. The awareness that his memories were fabricated only exacerbated his short temper and mental instability. After 13, we decided to primarily create female emissaries, as they tended to fit the desired genetic trait profile better.

We still found a use for 13, though. We assigned him mercenary work in line with our objectives: putting down feral nephilim (to improve our image) and assisting in their genetic extraction. We also found ways of assisting him in interacting with other species, like by concealing his nephilim nature by thoroughly covering him to help prevent provocation.

MSRY 13: Callsign "Wraith"

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