Zharn, Retainer of Azzrtalzh


“bald” Emissary researcher with green skin and deep black eyes. Tries to take leadership wherever he is, unless opposed by a higher rank Nephilim. Seems to have a breathing problem because he coughs a lot. Wears a pitch black fleshy lab coat. Has no interest in physical combat. Probably only still around because of its service to Azzrtalzh.

Appearances (of Note)

Mission 002 – Was the leading Nephilim in the joint-race expedition. Tried to take over the mission from the start, and almost started serious infighting several times with his cluelessness. Ducked for cover during the raid, and seemed reluctant to even enter the sealed lab.

Mission 009 – Was with Yatron, either to be a bodyguard, or as punishment, because he wasn’t allowed to communicate with the Associates, and didn’t do anything except follow Yatron around. Had his communication privileges revoked for his terrible performance in mission 2.

Zharn, Retainer of Azzrtalzh

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