Zorn Everbark

Humbled and hungryed treeman


Zorn Everbark

Str: 4
Ref 1
Mov 1
Int 4
Foc 4
Per 4

Slightly young aged (if you can tell or if that’s even a thing) Zhou,
some what thing body with a white mask,
covered in heavy thorns and vines fashioned clothing, under that is bark like skins that are every slightly moving;
if look close enough, Zorn is that “wearing” a mask, its more like his face is a mask.
other than being a walking tree, he does not have other notable features.
seems to be eating all the time: and it makes you wonder how many flavors his “beard/vine” has, from the years of crumbs and grease.


According to Barbara and Bart, Zorn was a “mis-purchase”,
they had ordered various forestation from some other un-heard of lumber Corp business.
and there when they were unloading, they found a walking tree, as the closes analogy:
A humanoid masked “thing” with bark like skin and heavy thorns and vines fashioned into pieces of “clothing”
When being approached said: don’t cut me down, now that it got to the point hm… unmmm hmmmmmm, if i don’t say anything, I would die, and that would, mmmmm. hmmmm be a big inconvenience to both … hmmm …. us…. hmmmm. " -———long pause———- " i guess its time to say that"
confused yet determined, Barbara assisted that since Zorn was still legally purchased by AAALLC, that now he should be transferred to the field work department: aka AAALLC Associates to try and turn a lost profit into break even.

Zorn Everbark

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