Alabaster Acquisition Associates, LLC

Mission 017
Ghost Busters

Disabled the war machine, and resolved the troubles at the University.

Report: Mission Report 017
Posting: Ghost Busters

Mission 016
Card Sharks

Helped Lisa Pisa win a card game, and out-cater her opponent.

Mission Report 016

Mission 015
Deadly Mistake

Cleanup and containment of a C.U.R.E. shipping mix-up was successful.
After being presumed killed in action, Melvin departed the company.
Dehla retired.

Mission Report 015

Mission 014
Caves Below Caduceus

Killed the Mechonid centipede, and got the facility back online.

Mission Report 014

Mission 013
Backstage Pass II

Performed alongside the Jolly Rogers and rescued Athena Swift (and Danielle).

Mission Report 013

Mission 012
Backstage Pass

Tracked down the Jolly Rogers… kind of.

Mission Report 012

Mission 011
Comrade Crab

Unleashed the horde of crabs on the multiverse.

Mission Report 011

Mission 010
Orphan Hotel

Investigated the potential building site.

Mission Report 010

Mission 009
Missing Prescriptions

Beat medical supplies out of raiding parties, and delivered them to their intended targets.

Mission Report 009

Mission 008
Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Recovered the stolen Grav-Ball, and narrowly avoided being murdered by CatLady.

Mission Report 008


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