Alabaster Acquisition Associates, LLC

Associate Orientation
Welcome to Alabaster Acquisition Associates, LLC

This weekend will be the first round of Associate Orientation. Newly hired candidates will put through corporate training, given their company card, and access to all the fantastic resources our family has to offer.

To new hires: Welcome, and again, congratulations! You made it through our selective hiring process and are almost a full-fledged member of the most exciting corporation this side of Alabaster 1. Before you are given a company card, and can start taking on adventures for this wonderful organization you must complete Associate Orientation (AO). Please report to our company headquarters located in Ganymede Park on Alabaster 1 by 20:00 ACT for AO activities.

Mission 001
Welcome to the Jungle

Extracted the Priestess of Mishpacha Statue from the excavation site.

Mission Report 001

Mission 002
Garden of Eden: Peacemaker

Escorted the research team and extracted samples from the botany catalogue.

Mission Report 002

Mission 003
Asteroid Farming

Extracted the mechonid spider in a box from the austerity asteroid colony.

Mission Report 003

Mission 004
Shipherd: Spaceship Wrangling

Captured a Taurus class wild Nephilim ship.

Mission Report 004

Mission 005
Save the Children

Rescued the children. Mostly. Apprehended a kidnapper and extracted a priest statue.

Mission Report 005

Mission 006
Big Game Hunting

Hunted down, killed, and stuffed the Impaler.

Mission Report 006

Mission 007
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Resupplied the underwater Kaltoran dark tribes.

Mission Report 007

Mission 008
Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Recovered the stolen Grav-Ball, and narrowly avoided being murdered by CatLady.

Mission Report 008

Mission 009
Missing Prescriptions

Beat medical supplies out of raiding parties, and delivered them to their intended targets.

Mission Report 009


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