Adventure Postings

Current Company Postings

Name Rank Time Sensitivity Expected Reward
Breaking Quarantine B Normal Treasure+Influence
Night at the Museum C† Normal Treasure+Influence

Bounty Board

Name Rank Expected Reward
Hades Arcum C 2 TP, 1 PP
Kadashian Thunder Squid D 1 TP, 1 PP
Edenian Greater Crabaphent D 1 TP, 1 PP
Mishpachan Hell Ape D 1 TP, 1 PP
Positronic Brains * 1+ stp

Associate Postings

Name Rank Time Sensitivity Expected Reward
Search And Destroy ? Eternal Influence + Treasure
Megiddo Murder S Not Sensitive Lotsa loot
Insurrection S+ Not Sensitive Planet

Adventure Postings Chapter in Associate Handbook

Jobs at AAA are called adventures, and not just because of corporate mumbo jumbo. The word “adventure” is probably the most adequate word in the Corporate language for the type of work we do here.

Taking an Adventure

Active Adventures for the taking will be posted here. Find one you’re interested in completing and form up a party in the company Forums. Let Management know when your party is complete and ready to go, and also pick a time. Adventures are usually run from Friday 20:00 ACT through Sunday 16:00 ACT

You’ll have limited time/resources to complete a mission, and will need to pass it on if you are unable to complete it in a single session.


Every adventure will have a Rank posted. This illustrates how difficult obstacles you may face will be, and what Associates are best fit to take the adventure. All associates are free to take on any adventure provided that at least one member of the adventuring team fulfills the advised Resources requirement. Higher ranked missions are more dangerous, but offer the potential of higher rewards. The ranks are as follows:

Rank Description
* Side-quest. These postings are open calls for something and are meant to be accomplished while doing another posting. Completing these requests will earn a small bonus
E Errand. These postings may not even require a full session to run, and may be handled in a few dice rolls by a single Associate.
D Default. These postings are for jobs that pose some threat to Associates, and are meant for a full team. Suited for any associate.
C Core Team. Designed for a full team of seasoned Associates. 6-10 Resources advised
B Beta Team. Meant for a full team of senior level Associates. 11-15 Resources advised.
A Alpha Team. Meant for the highest ranking associates of AAA LLC. 16-20 Resources advised.
S Special-Ops. Meant for the most elite of the elite in all of Haven. 21+ Resources required.
† Indicates a Bart mission, where rank may not necessarily be indicative of difficulty.

Time Sensitivity

Postings will have a listed Time Sensitivity. This depicts how long the we will have to complete the adventure before it expires either because the situation has changed or another party was able to complete it before us. Also note that even though a posting may not need to be attempted immediately, putting it off will often change the nature of the job. The sensitives are as follows:

Name Definition
Urgent Will expire after this week.
Sensitive Will expire in 2-3 weeks
Normal Will expire, but in the short-term can be put off.
Not Sensitive Long term postings. Usually are adventures of high difficulty but can offer very large rewards.

Standard Operating Procedure

Every adventure will be prefaced with role assignment and a briefing on mission objectives. After the conclusion of the adventure, there will be a Debriefing where performance is evaluated, and you will be compensated.

Completed Postings

Name Rank Result Report
Welcome to the Jungle D† Success 001
Garden of Eden D Success 002
Asteroid Farmers D† Success 003
Shipherd D Success 004
Save the Children D† Success 005
Big Game Hunting D Success 006
20,000 Leagues Under the All-Sea D Success 007
Keep Your Eye on the Ball D† Success 008
Missing Prescriptions D Success 009
Orphan Hotel D† Success 010
Comrade Crab D Success? 011
Backstage Pass D Success? 012
Backstage Pass Part 2 D Success 013
Caves Below Caduceus C Success 014
A Deadly Mistake C Success 015
Card Sharks D Success 016
Ghost Busters C† Success 017
The Disappearance of Emily Gatling D+ Success 018
Exterminators C It’s Complicated 019
To Save a Scientist C+ Success 020
Spooky Business D Success 021
Secret Ingredient D Success 022
Reality TV C Success 023
The Piano Incident D Success 024
Kadashian Thunder Squid D Success 025
Ark N408 C† Success? 026
† Indicates a Bart mission, where rank was not necessarily indicative of difficulty.

Adventure Postings

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