Mission Report 018


AAA LLC. Headquarters
First Investigation And Hostage Rescue Group (A)
Office of the Operations Officer

Day 260

SUBJECT: Narrative Report of Operations, 1st Investigation and Hostage Rescue Group.
MISSION #018, Codename: The Disappearance of Emily Gatling (Rank D+)
STATUS: Success

      Vivienne Sparks, Commanding
      Alden Valkyrie
      Eldryn Pyros
      Ersatz Encephelon
      Joel Walker
      Kevin Brady, MVP

Find and rescue Emily Gatling.


0. Due to the nature of the mission, hostage rescue team stopped by the bounty board in case they came across a wanted criminal. Spop delivered ammunition to AAA LLC headquarters via dogsled, and joined the team. AAA LLC hired a piano player.

1. Team departed headquarters for Kadash on day 241 to conduct an initial investigation. They arrived on Kadash nine (9) days later, without incident.

2. During the descent to Yasha, team’s transport shuttle narrowly avoided collision with another vessel that wrongfully violated right of way procedure.

3. Joel interviewed Emily Gatling’s extended family and then immediate family, and discovered a mysterious solicitor had invited Emily to attend their university, but had been declined, as well as that Emily was aware of and practicing to improve her psionic abilities.

4. Ersatz won permission to investigate the Gallant Providence with supervision from the watch in a card game against the watch, but they needed to go to the village elders for approval. The elders granted permission, but required ceremonial collateral. Team members left possessions of value, and during this, Kevin left his helmet, revealing that he was a remnant.

5. The team went through the ship’s logs and camera footage, discovered a missing escape pod, and that Emily and other suspected psionic card players had all ended up going to the infirmary, and numerous large boxes had later been wheeled out of the infirmary, but none of them had exited. Upon investigation, they determined that somehow, after being boxed up, they had mysteriously managed to leave the ship without using an escape pod or docked shuttle. Following the only solid lead, they uploaded the beacon signature for the missing escape pod to the Omaha, and had it locate the escape pod in another area of Yasha.

6. Team assembled and set out for an abandoned part of Yasha on their guard. As they drew close to the target location using the standard dinosaur formation, the team grew more guarded, and periodically had Kevin scout from the upper floors of abandoned buildings. Alden sent Spop to a remote location to provide long-range fire support. During one of these scouting missions, Kevin sighted numerous cloaked individuals in sniping positions, but they appeared unarmed. Ersatz requested an immediate counter-sniper ambush, but the rest of the team was uncomfortable with the potential to harm unarmed innocents despite circumstantial evidence to the contrary. So, Ersatz issued a demand for an immediate unconditional surrender, which caused the potential hostiles to scatter into more protected positions. When it looked as if the unidentified group were in fact hostile, Alden called in a mortar strike, and Ersatz highjacked a sound system to make it seem as if an entire army was attacking. This distraction created an opening for Eldryn to scout out the location. After determining it was likely the hostages were inside a warehouse, the team massed for a frontal assault.

7. The team engaged numerous psionic hostiles in the dark warehouse. Vivienne’s drones lead the assault, providing cover for Joel and Eldryn as they flanked and eliminated numerous hostiles. Kevin provided short-range sniper support, and with coordinated intelligence on enemy positions scored numerous kills through the cover of crates and forklifts that the hostiles were using, and went on a headshot spree. Alden called in long-range fire support, and demolished parts of the warehouse and materials being used as cover by the hostile force. Alden came under attack by the apparent leader of the hostile psionic force, which forced Ersatz out of hiding to staunch his bleeding. The team made effective use of cover during their assault, and sustained their attack until the enemy retreated. In the aftermath of the battle, Ersatz performed exemplary medical care, which was indistinguishable from ordinary grade care in its effectiveness, but for which he was awarded a sub-commendation.

8. The team recovered the 3 kidnapped Psionic card players who were being held in the warehouse. They disclosed that their abilities had been suppressed, and they had been asked to join the hostile force due to their Psionic abilities. The hostages were returned home, the team seized and sold off the hostile force’s assets that were contained in the warehouse, and they boarded the Omaha and departed for headquarters on day 250 and arrived nine (9) days later, on day 259, without incident. This report was filed the following day.


1. Hesitancy to fire upon ostensibly unarmed opponents even considering situational intelligence that suggested this course of action was reasonable lost the team an opportunity to exploit a useful tactical advantage. In future, suggest carefully weighing the request to “take the shot”, and even more carefully weighing the decision not to.

2. The sanity of a plan to launch a frontal assault on a warehouse where hostages are being kept is questionable. In future, additional caution is advised.

Met People Of Interest:

       Donna Gatling
       Kaltoran Elders


+3 spare time points
+1/3 resource
+2/3 influence

Lisa Pisa owes you.
+3 psionic suppression headbands
Token of the Gatling Family


While the missing persons were found and returned safely, the root of this problem was not dealt with. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this psionic organization. And I’d bet good money that the leader of this organization probably has, or soon will have a sizable bounty placed on his head.

Until I receive confirmation on that front, I suggest biding our time in regards to this matter.

- REDACTED (Corporate Analyst)

“The kaltoran tea ceremony begins. Prepare to make your 37 skill checks” – ?
“Why don’t you give them your positronic brain?” “But – but then I can’t think.”-

Mission Report 018

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