Mission Report 019


AAA LLC. Headquarters
First Termination Group (A)
Office of the Operations Officer

Day 264

SUBJECT: Narrative Report of Operations, 1st Termination Group.
MISSION #019, Codename: Exterminators (Rank C)
STATUS: Success, Unpaid but Compensated, Pending

      Bradley Karne, Commanding, MVP, W.I.A.
      Ersatz Encephelon
      Kevin Brady, W.I.A.
      NOAH_031, W.I.A.
      Vivienne Sparks, MVP, W.I.A.
      Zorn Everbark, W.I.A.

Exterminate the Beetles.
Survive the assassination attempt.
Kill the assassins.


0. Asking Alexa if Xander was involved in this mission posting (and therefore, additional caution would be required) turned up inconclusive results.

1. Termination team departed headquarters aboard the Omaha for Mishpacha on day 260, and arrived in Mishpachan space without incident four (4) days later. Upon entering the Mishpachan vicinity, numerous bounty hunter fighters in pursuit of Bradley assembled around the Omaha, but were threatened away.

2. The team landed on the mishpachan surface, near the beetle hill, and found that the exterminator brothers, Lars and Muigi had set up a perimeter, and were preparing to gas the hive. The team made plans to extract the exterminators to the shuttle to get them out of the range of any beetle retaliation, but due to potential capacity issues, Vivienne had to stay on the ground with her drones and set up a defensive perimeter. When the gassing began, a horde of beetles rushed out of the hive, and many scattered toward Vivienne, but her drones and fortifications held under the horde’s assault with the assistance of aerial fire support. As it began to look like Vivienne would need to be rescued, the beetles succumbed to the poison.

3. The extermination team was given a beetle scanner by the exterminator brothers, and entered the hive in standard dinosaur formation. The team’s concerns about distinguishing live beetles from dead ones were resolved by Zorn, who ate the corpses of the dead beetles as they proceeded down the tunnels. When the scanner detected a nearby live beetle, the team located their target with a flashlight, and brought it a swift death. However, more emerged from the dark tunnels, and swiftly closed the distance with the team.Due to severe fluctuations in the fabric of space (read: bitter mistakes), the team allowed themselves to be flanked from behind. The beetles proved dangerous in melee, due to an innate ability to melt armor. When Kevin sniped one of these beetles, the resulting explosion of acid upon its demise damaged numerous team members, and destroyed Ersatz’ proxy. With this new intel on their enemies’ behaviour, the team decided to attempt to melt the beetles’ armor, and knock them unconscious, rather than kill them in dangerously close range. When this plan failed, the party attempted to retreat. Vivienne took a parting shot at an injured beetle, which triggered a chain reaction of six beetle deaths, which greviously injured the entire ground team, but decisively ended the engagement with no lethalities. Zorn and Kevin administered emergency treatment, which took the edge off the injuries. The team decided to retreat and regroup to repair their damaged drones and armor.

4. The team’s retreat was halted by the exterminator brothers, who insisted on inspecting them to ensure none of their proprietary extermination technology had been taken by the team. Ersatz and Vivienne convinced them to stand down and step aside immediately if they didn’t want to eat a missile fired from orbit.

5. The team repaired their equipment, fashioned a wheelchair for Zorn, and located the 13 exits of the hive. They plugged the 12 secondary entrances before rolling wood from the nearby forest down the main entrance and lighting an immense bonfire with a discarded cigarette to smoke the beetles out. Zorn laid traps at the entrance, Vivienne blockaded the entrance with her dinosaur barricade, and the sniper and spotter duo of Kevin and Noah provided covering fire from the shuttle. Through these combined efforts, the team made short work of the remaining beetles in the hive.

6. The team began operation ICE QUEEN, and re-entered the tunnels, moving very cautiously and slowly, with the intent of finding and killing the beetle queen, and locating the mushrooms Alexa wanted. In the depths of the tunnels, communications became blocked, and Zorn nearly lost control of his hunger when devouring the corpses of the queen’s regurgitation feeding beetles. The team found the queen, and engaged her in combat. Bradley opened the fight by melting away the queen’s defenses, the queen retaliated by firing a stream of poison at Vivienne’s drones, which was completely ineffective, and then the queen went down in a single shot from Vivienne’s drones. The team then examined the room, and found a dragon beetle’s hoard of wealth, as well as too many mushrooms to carry back.

7. The team attempted to exit the Queen’s chamber, but found a stasis wall in the way. Ersatz removed the tracking device from the beetle scanner and destroyed it, while Noah spoofed their location, but Bradley’s attempt to escape by firing through the wall drew attention directly to them. Lars and Muigi arrived on the scene, on the other side of the barrier, and the portion of the team not focused on digging a way out pretended to be friendly toward them, hoping to talk their way out. Lars and Muigi revealed their true colors in short order, however. As the sealed chamber filled with poison, they explained that they were assassins hired to kill the team. Noah hacked the stasis wall down, and the team engaged the assassins.

8. Muigi went down swiftly under focused fire, while Lars endured what should have been a deadly assault, and pushed the poison-weakened team to the brink of death, before attempting to retreat. As he turned his back on the party, a bullet in the back stopped him short.

9. The team seized their would-be-assassins valuable weaponry, and investigated their shuttle. The information they found gained them access to the assassin’s bank accounts, which they seized in addition to their shuttle after transferring ownership of their extermination company to a proxy company named BBB LLC. They also found that numerous other groups had been assassinated by these exterminators, they had been hired by a contact named “Plague”, and were members of a group of assassins named “The League”. They also found evidence indicating that Alexa was unaware of this assassination attempt, and their surveillance at the secret C.U.R.E. lab at site BLACK revealed that Alexa had recently had an argument with another researcher over the ethics of their research. All in all, this indicated Alexa was probably a good person, and probably safe to contact.

10. The team discussed the unexpected developments at length, arrived at the conclusion Xander Hemmingway was responsible for the hit on them, and decided to disclose the contents of the Black Dossier to the Nephilim leadership, a move that would seriously harm C.U.R.E.‘s relationship with the Eden Brood. They also agreed to contact Alexa to get paid. When the team contacted Alexa for payment, the payment was not authorized. While she offered to pay them out of her personal accounts, the situation she was in made Ersatz suspect she may not be safe, so he instructed her to pack up her research and delete any copies of it immediately, and told her that they were coming to the secret C.U.R.E. lab in all haste to pick her up. The team immediately departed for Beacon for emergency medical treatment, and began planning Operation Ejection Toaster. With concerns about mission success being voiced if the team went into it injured or if they spent too much time recovering, Ersatz revealed that he had been holding something in reserve for just such an occasion. As the cargo hold’s doors opened in sequence, and cold mist rushed out of the cryo chamber, Wraith rejoined the party, back from being missing in action while in cold storage.



1. Dragon Beetles are very dangerous to kill, especially in confined quarters, due to their tendency to violently explode. Vivienne triggered a chain reaction of their last gasp explosions, after being advised that such was a possibility, which critically injured almost the entire team, and could have killed them all. How she was awarded MVP after this is beyond our ability to comprehend.

2. Due to arising circumstances, accumulated damage from the team’s fight with the dragon beetles negatively impacted their performance in the fight against their would-be-assassins. The accumulated damage after this, and the time sensitivity of their next step leaving them insufficient time to fully recover represents a significant operational risk. In light of this, the team has been advised that mission abortion may be the appropriate course.

Met People Of Interest:



+4 spare time points
+3/3 resource!

+1 Archon Tech Disruptor Rifle (Research Material)
+2 Mobile Stasis Walls

+ Additional Payment Pending (funds + medical supplies)
+ Influence Pending


Well, that took an interesting turn. One way or another, I hope I receive another report about how this one concludes.

- REDACTED (Corporate Analyst)

“Top o’ the howdy, folks” – Vivienne Sparks

Mission Report 019

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