Mission Report 020


AAA LLC. Headquarters
First Special Operations Group (A)
Office of the Operations Officer

Day 281

SUBJECT: Narrative Report of Operations, 1st Special Operations Group.
MISSION #020, Codename: Operation Ejection Toaster (Rank C+)
STATUS: Success

      AUDITOR, Commanding, MVP

Extract BREAD from site BLACK.
Escape site BLACK and the Surgeon General.


0. Operational assets recovered from their wounds from mission 19, GRANDMA scrambled the hospital records of the team’s stay, and AUDITOR set up a short sale on CURE stock and scanned the area of operations. The team met at rally point ALPHA, and were air-lifted via shuttle to landing zone CANOPY, located 5 miles west of site BLACK, concealed from observation from site BLACK behind the crest of a strip of mountainous terrain. Additional reinforcements were air-dropped to the landing zone to provide support, as well as new Intel from BREAD: C.U.R.E.‘s Surgeon General was due to arrive for inspection of the site in four (4) hours time.

1. Raptor-drone mounted cavalry forces cleared the jungle en route to the cliff face, with the goal of making the return trip to Landing Zone CANOPY easier. GRANDMA engineered climbing equipment from the cleared flora, and the team scaled the cliffs. The team maintained a low profile, and descended into the forested valley containing site BLACK on foot.

2. As the team drew close to site BLACK, they encountered opposition forces’ security detail without sounding an alarm. In response, the team took cover in the dense underbrush, donned their skull balaclava identity concealing headwear, and initiated a radio silence protocol. They stealthily scouted the area for a path forward. BATHTUB was awarded a sub-commendation for his scouting efforts, which located a number of security cameras and sentry positions. With the positions in hand, AUDITOR remotely acquired access to the camera systems. With the combined camera feeds, GRANDMA created a model of the sentries’ and the cameras’ sightlines, which the team used to advance unnoticed behind the cover of LORAX. Good teamwork, team.

3. The team arrived in an observation position of an elevator into site BLACK, which was used by worker drones. Seeing no other avenue of entry, and running out of time, AUDITOR attempted to infiltrate by pretending to be a worker drone. Before departing, BATHTUB suggested AUDITOR use a connection to his comms to discretely signal the rest of the team to advance, in a non-interceptable way.

4. AUDITOR attempted to impersonate a worker drone by imitating the security protocol he had observed the other drones go through, and was permitted access after being stopped and questioned briefly. Once inside site BLACK, he ducked into an unoccupied conference room, hacked their network, and uncovered their emergency procedures and fire escape plans. With nothing to indicate an alternate entry route, AUDITOR sent the signal for the rest of the team to advance down the main elevator.

5. The team entered the facility with weapons at the ready, LORAX trapped the elevator so that the Surgeon General’s forces would take casualties if they used the elevator, and BATHTUB attempted to convince the staff in the main lobby that the team was the advance guard of the Surgeon General. The staff decided to call to verify this, but the call was intercepted by AUDITOR, who impersonated the Surgeon General and explained the team as a security force comprised of contractors, which he felt the need to use due to recent performance deficiencies of C.U.R.E. staff. The team was admitted into the facility.

6. A security guard, apparently alerted by AUDITOR’s network intrusion, confronted AUDITOR. By this time, the rest of the team was in position nearby, so AUDITOR broke radio silence to order his halberdiers to ambush the guard. They quietly eliminated him in a single coordinated strike, but this caused panels in the room to slide aside, revealing concealed turrets (n. ~8), which retaliated, downing one of the halberdiers. AUDITOR hacked the network and disabled them. LORAX disposed of the evidence, and AUDITOR donned the fallen security guard’s outfit, but shortly afterwards, the alarm was sounded. The team attacked the security forces assembling outside the conference room, GRANDMA leading the assault by pinning a guard with her raptors and using her well-practiced analyse-snipe combo. For exemplary execution of this combo, GRANDMA is awarded a full commendation. The team advanced as swiftly as they could without breaking standard dinosaur formation, trying to make it past the emergency lockdown doors that were being sealed, while repelling attacks from security forces and the facility’s automated defense systems. With their pace and unwillingness to break formation, they ignored the numerous side-doors and passages which may have contained numerous pharmaceuticals for the taking. GRANDMA was knocked unconscious by the security force’s weaponry, but was revived in short order. Meanwhile, AUDITOR hacked the comm system in an attempt to re-route security forces that would soon be converging on them to the lobby to deal with imaginary reinforcements. The team narrowly made it past the first door, but were not allowed even a moment to catch their breath, as more of the facility’s automatic defenses slid out of hidden compartments in the walls and began firing upon them. BATHTUB, TRON, and GRANDMA dealt with the turrets, while advancing in formation, while GRANDMA and AUDITOR repeatedly infiltrated the facility’s network, causing turrets in other sections they would soon be passing through to fire until they ran out of ammunition, and stealing ALL OF THE DATA from the facility’s doubly secured data server, before having the security system destroy it. The team also noticed a very strange wooden door outside of their planned operational path, which they planned to come back and investigate, time permitting.

7. The team arrived at a highly secured door, behind which, scans indicated BREAD was located. GRANDMA and AUDITOR narrowly managed to get it open through their combined efforts, for which GRANDMA is awarded a Sub-Commendation, while TRON, BATHTUB, and GRANDMA’s raptors dealt with interference from the remaining security turrets.

8. The Surgeon General’s craft was observed arriving at site BLACK. AUDITOR burned out his ship’s sensors by attempting to acquire a lock on the vessel repeatedly, and as a result, was unable to provide support by firing upon it from orbit.

9. The team had to bypass two more similarly secured doors before finally arriving in the room where BREAD was located. While attempting to bypass these doors, they were notified over the facility’s announcement system that the Surgeon General had arrived, and was demanding their surrender unless they wished to face defeat. The team hurriedly advanced. Upon entering the room, the team was engaged by a stealth Ninja Doctor defense force (n. 4). Largely unable to effectively retaliate, the team pushed forward to attempt to quickly, but safely, extract BREAD by opening the shower where BREAD was seeking shelter. BREAD disclosed that the ninja doctors were her personal defense force, and called them off on the pretense that AUDITOR had taken her hostage. As the team made ready to escape via elevator, the Surgeon General and his forces (n. 12) closed in on them. AUDITOR attempted to convince the forces to stay at bay as he had a hostage, but the Surgeon General indicated he didn’t care about the welfare of his head researcher, and even shot her himself. AUDITOR called this a classic bluff, and proceeded, undeterred, with the plan of extracting BREAD.

10. By diverting their drones to the rear to hold off the Surgeon General’s forces, and mass drone sacrifice, LORAX, GRANDMA, and AUDITOR managed to buy just enough time for everybody to evacuate to the secondary elevator which lead to the executive landing pad. A shuttle piloted by AUDITOR was waiting there to pick them up. The shuttle evaded pursuit and the site’s surface to air missile defenses, and extracted the team to the newly upgraded Omaha, rechristened The Flying Taxman.

11. LORAX administered treatment to the team, decontaminating them of some manner of biological agent that had been used against them. BATHTUB suggested checking BREAD for transmitters. Two were found, one ordinary positional relaying one, which AUDITOR and GRANDMA managed to gain control of and spoof the coordinates as heading to Kadash, and the second embedded in an implant, for which they disabled the transmission after calling the C.U.R.E. offices and demanding a ransom for BREAD or else they would execute her.

12. The team debriefed BREAD, and apologized for their treatment of her while faking her kidnapping. They set course for Eden, and arrived three (3) days later without incident. They arranged a meeting with Azzrtalzh through Dehla, and turned over the C.U.R.E. related contents of the Black Dossier, and the entirety of C.U.R.E.‘s data from site BLACK.

13. The team boarded The Flying Taxman, and departed Eden on day 268, and took the long route back to Alabaster I, stopping along the way to provide closure to the families of the other victims of Lars and Muigi. They returned to headquarters twelve (12) days later, on day 280, without incident. This report was filed the following day.


1. Tangling with the Surgeon General’s forces is a deadly proposition. Our team was lucky to make it out alive.

2. Moving in dinosaur formation is quite slow.

Met People Of Interest:

       Surgeon General


+4 spare time points
+3/3 influence!
+3 advancement points (exp, 1/3 resource, OR 1/3 influence)


Our associates may have just started a minor war…
I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for us to profit from this, but we might want to put a bit more oversight into their contracts going forward. We shouldn’t allow them to take actions that might cause our central offices to be put in any kind of danger. They ARE located on Alabaster I, after all, so I doubt there would ever be a full offensive, but you know how these things go… they send in an assassin to deal with one of our operatives, a fight breaks out, and the ensuing splash damage wrecks many hundreds of credits worth of office supplies and furniture, including one irreplacable space mahogany desk and piano, and then you’re retired and given a desk job at the sattelite location as a corporate analyst…
Apologies for projecting a bit there.

- REDACTED (Corporate Analyst)


Ideally, we don’t want one of the biggest Corporations trying to kill us.
Pretending to be a common terrorist, hiding our identities, renaming and remodeling the ship, destroying their tracking devices on Alexa, and making them think she’s dead might let us evade retribution from them entirely, or for a time. But it’s no accident that the ship was remodeled to take heavier fire and have more firepower.
We’re more prepared if the alternative solution of making C.U.R.E. no longer be one of the biggest Corporations is the path we are forced to take.

- Professor Lieutenant Commander Ersatz Encephalon, M.D.

“You have 2 minutes to transfer 5 billion credits to us, or your head researcher will become a headless researcher.”AUDITOR
“The best thing about having a ship named The Flying Taxman is that if it sinks, I can name the next one The Tax Return.”AUDITOR
GRANDMA has narcolepsy.” – ?
“That wooden door. We’ll never know…”GRANDMA

Mission Report 020

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