Mission Report 022


AAA LLC. Headquarters
First Investigation Group (A)
Office of the Operations Officer

Day 300

SUBJECT: Narrative Report of Operations, 1st Investigation Group.
MISSION #022, Codename: Secret Ingredient (Rank D)
STATUS: Success

      Lt. Cmdr. Ersatz, Commanding, MVP
      Eldryn Pyros, MVP

Investigate Special Mills’ Music Pop Cereal.


0. The investigative team performed market research on Special Mills, and their back-ordered cereal, and found their contact number. Ersatz hacked his way into conversation with the head of their customer relations, and arranged a meeting to discuss an investment opportunity the following afternoon, with the ulterior aim of scouting out resistance and security vulnerabilities.

1. The investigation team departed headquarters aboard The Flying Taxman on day 290 for Alabaster 2, and arrived without incident. Ersatz and Eldryn (posing as his aide) departed for the factory aboard a shuttle. The factory approach had heavy security staffing to keep the crowds gathered at the gates at bay. Inside, the facility was regularly patrolled, and the observation team had to pass through a security checkpoint to reach their meeting location. While the company’s financial manager wasn’t interested in the investment sum, he was interested in contracting logistical support from AAA LLC to improve their supply lines, which was agreed to on the condition that any service that conflicted with service to the Palantor fleet could be rejected at the team’s discretion. The contract also came with a strict non-disclosure agreement, which complicated the involvement of the investigative journalist Athena Swift in this mission. The team was provided with the location of the factory on Alabaster 3 in need of support. Ersatz then faked an emergency call ordering him into active duty to fight mechonids, and the team hastily departed.

2. Ersatz scanned for nearby mechonid activity to keep up the ruse. His scanning efforts, which earned him a sub-commendation, turned up a battle 3 travel days away on Mishpacha, which The Flying Taxman joined. The Taxman’s orbital bombardment eliminated the awoken threat on the Star Continent, and it then re-routed directly for Alabaster 3, arriving 3 days later without incident.

3. The team met with Athena Swift, who they invited to tag along behind them to observe the goings-on for her article. When she pushed to be part of the team, she was convinced to stay at a distance so as not to expose the operation to additional risk. To cheer her up, the team also fed her some details about the story of a C.U.R.E. lab being raided and its lead researcher being killed, hoping to solidify Alexa’s cover story. Jade and Zorn safely navigated the ground team to the factory without encountering any of the locals, but the team noticed signs of being stealthily tracked.

4. The team entered the factory, and met with the manager. They acquired a box of cereal for later examination under the guise of being hungry, and much to his credit, Zorn only ate some of the cereal. Eldryn departed the factory and encountered a band of roving feral cats. Fortunately, he calmed them by projecting a psionic aura, and they engaged in fun activities together. This drew the cat lady out of stealth, and she and Eldryn spoke. Eldryn convinced her that they were friendly toward her, and planning hostilities against the cereal factory, and that she should not attack them. The cat lady provided him with a situation report that the cereal factories had been invasively constructed atop the former homes of the feral cats, and had monopolized the synth milk fonts. This resulted in mass displacement and hunger for the cats, and she, as their sworn defender, had begun raiding Special Mills’ shipments in retaliation. Upon request, she provided a map of cat territory.

5. With this information, Ersatz met with the plant manager in private, and proposed a plan that would put most of the Legion security detail guarding the factory out of work. By re-routing the shipping routes to leave the cats alone, and pushing against further expansion into cat territory, the attacks could be decreased. He covered up how he came by the locational information for the cats by explaining it came from Eldryn’s psionic abilities.

6. With the attacks and aggressive expansion both halted, the team returned to headquarters to analyze the cereal in the lab. They enlisted the aid of Alexa Pearson, and with a solid day of analysis were able to isolate an unusual, but innocuous compound. In a stroke of investigative genius, Zorn suggested that while it was inert alone, it might react with something else. He went to the grocery store, bought some synth milk, and sure enough, when combined with the mysterious compound, it formed the highly addictive and illegal substance Draz.

7. The team convinced Athena to delay publishing her damaging findings until after they received their fee from Special Mills for solving the attacks on their shipments. The following day, once payment was received, they gave her the go-ahead to publish her article. Special Mills stock precipitously dropped in the aftermath. This report was filed the same day.

POST MISSION. Jade was awarded a commendation for her research into astronomy and what lurks in the vast emptiness between stars.

Met People Of Interest:

       Athena Swift
       Cat Lady
       Sylvester Jones (Financial Director)
       Tom Gunn (Plant Manager)


+5 spare time points
+1/3 resource


All issues were resolved handily without any fighting. While this was well done, half of the team not having a sufficient opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities is unfortunate, and should be avoided in the future.

- REDACTED (Corporate Analyst)

“I take a handful of the cereal, and smash it into my helmet.” – Kevin (on eating through a helmet)
“The ingredients only add up to 85%” – Ersatz

Mission Report 022

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