Research Projects

AAA LCC Research & Development

Advanced Projects Program (APP)


Topic Progress Status Researchers
Assistance 16 / 16 published Alden
Cross-Species Gene Splicing 12 / 12 unknown Dehla
All-Environment Shuttles 16 / 16 published Ersatz
Card Strategy 4 / 4 unpublished Ersatz
Compact Dedicated Workshops 15 / 16 in progress Ersatz
Expert: Psychology 9 / 12 in progress Ersatz
Electromancy 0 / 16 proposal Ersatz
Archon Technology Weaponization
(restricted, difficult)
9 / 16 in progress Bradley, Ersatz, Joel
Psionic ? 4 / ? in progress Eldryn
Shuttle Parachutes proposal Ersatz
Shuttle Anti-GAM Flares proposal Ersatz
Archon Language proposal
Hybrid Armor Mod proposal Joel
Constant Shadow proposal Joel

Quality Research Materials
(using these allows you to perform restricted research, and provides a + 1 to + 2 bonus to the research roll)

Mechonid Spider Containment Panels
Archon Weapon Remnant
Archon Pilot Remains
Archon Communications Recording
Nephilim Jammer Orb
Nephilim Crab Data

Rules Stuff

Obtaining 1 unit of research takes a 12t roll.
Difficult research generally has a +4 difficulty modifier.
Quality research material can give a +1 or +2. Poor research material can give a -1 or -2.
You get a perk or secret knowledge at 12 units. You get a perk or secret knowledge at 16 units.
You can publish all your research units for a 14t roll. If you do additional research, you can publish any additional units once for a 14t roll. You can only publish the same research unit once. Publishing makes this information available to a group of NPCs, and can be done through a Research Institution.
Houserule (pending): You do not gain influence for publication. Instead, the faction you publish with likes you.

Reliable doesn’t work on research.

Research Projects

Alabaster Acquisition Associates, LLC gabriel_violette