Genocrat who wormed their way to the top.


Azzrtalzh is the very model of a modern major Genocrat who initially contacted the company presumably in service of the Devwi-ich to requisition the Garden of Eden posting. They are a monstrous worm, an estimated 12 feet long, a yard in diameter, completely covered in spider-like legs with occasional hard-plated eyes at various strategic positions. Its mouths have several nested layers of spinning jaws. At one of the ends where a head could be, Azzrtalzh is “wearing” one of the masks of the Genocrats, a white chittin mask, with functioning eyes, a mouth, and engravings in High X’ion.

It a Nephilim Supremacist through and through. It refuses to communicate in any language other than High X’ion. While it is standard and expected of Nephilim in Azzrtalzh’s stature to hold the Devwi-itch on a high pedestal, Azzrtalzh’s takes grovelling to new heights.

Appearances (of Note)

Mission 002 – Gave briefing (through Dehla MIX), supplies, and seal of protection for the associate team while on Eden

Mission Report 009 – Gave briefing (through Yatron), and left angrily after being asked what it interpreted to be a stupid question.


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