Dehla MIX -------Retired

Nephilm Bio/Gene Scientist


Short well built Nephilim Female with green eyes; however from a glance could be mistakenly identified as a Kaltoran because of her skin color and pointed ear.
With strong inquiistory look that seems to be able to look beyond normal mortal appearances.
She has a tentacle like exotic bow on her back and no quiver nor arrows are visible.
Upon close inspect, her hair seem to be moving slightly on their own.


Strength: 2
Reflex: 4
Movement: 2
Focus: 4
Int: 5
Perception: 2

Gene Manipulation: +1 Reflex


Despite being only technically 3 years old; Dehla is as ready as any other adventurers that she is expected to deal with. With the extensive Biotech and medical experiences that are uploaded into her upon creation; she has all she needs to continue her purpose: reproduce with a better gene.
Although using her charming appearance to do such job is easy and expected; Dehla hates how complicated emotions and social relationships are and prefers to achieve the same goal with science.
“why would i need to talk to them, if i can just extract their DNA and use it?” as she tells herself before walking into the headquarters for her Associate Orientation.

Dehla MIX -------Retired

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