Derrick I. Lanson ----Temporary Retired

Athletically built Corp man look to be in his early 30s, and very obviously blind


Besides the most obvious feature: white eyes with no pupil,
the most common thing people notices about Derrick’s well above average looks.
it’s almost like the eyes adds more character than creepiness.
Although being blind, he seems to still have a sense of direction and fashion.
If examined close enough, he seems be to carrying what looks like a sword hilt on the side of his cloth.


Classified Associate Background Check File:

Subject name: Derrick I. Lanson
Code name: Lirrick DeSanon

As pre request by management, we had done back ground searches on the newly hired Associate:Derrick I. Lanson,
and the best way to described his is that: it’s like he was just “created” a short while ago,
although all his back grounds and records seems to check out by first glance, a closer examination shows that our subject’s last name does not actually exist,
or, it exists but other family members are either untraceable or simply can’t be contacted.
All physical and psychological tests suggest our subject is a stable individual and will be a competent associate no doubt, but there’s just too many mysteries that begs for inspection:

note the claims below are all speculations from gathered data; nothing is and can be confirmed:

Our subject’s name is a cleaver anagram for the name Lirrick DeSanon.
which appeared on the missing person report conveniently few months before our subject “appeared”.
with some digging it shows that the DeSanon family is a secret “professional” underground organization specialized in dealing the less favored businesses for those who pay the right price.
There was a report by one of the small news channels exposing their dark deeds and tried to get the world to see;
however that news was quickly brought down and left no trace ever since.
No mattered how that thing ended or how it got covered, our subject could have easily been the product of that scandal.

Derrick I. Lanson ----Temporary Retired

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