Vivienne Sparks

Roboticist and Farmer


Short, stout Corporate with messy brown hair. Clothes are often stained, except during formal occasions and anything involving business transactions. Mid-thirties. Speaks in the strangest accent.

Stats: 3/2/2/5/5/1

Resource: 11/11 Progress: 0/3
Influence: 8/11 Progress: 2/3

Skilled in:
Small Arms

Focus:Focus Implant
Perception:Optical Implant
Movement:Slow And Steady

Notable Equipment:
-2nd Generation Health Hazard Class Tactical Recon Rifle AKA “Gramps”
-Mafia Class Poultry Assault Units AKA “HENchmen”

Decomissioned Equipment:
-Twin Turbocannon Defensive Array AKA “Potato” and “Reginald”
—Tactical Analysis: Potato and Reginald were sufficient for shooting space-rabbits and unarmored solicitors, but their brief field test had terrifyingly poor results.
-Combat Walker Velociraptor Mark X-12 Omicron Delta AKA “Clever Girl”
—Tactical Analysis: Clever Girls have been through a great many iterations, and have seen a great amount of use throughout. Their high durability, convenient cover, and ability to emulate terrain in real time have seen great use. However, they suffer from an inability to mobilize rapidly, and cannot be recalled onto the field conveniently. Finally, they have become a signature tool in the arsenal, and must therefore be abandoned to better hide actions not condoned by AAA LLC.


Distantly related to an early conglomerate of farmers on Varsphere, Vivienne’s sometimes downright agrarian habits and mannerisms will often appear out of place. Despite this, decades of tinkering with spare parts and computers have made her a competent roboticist. She has worked for several years in various Corporate drone warehouses around Alabaster, performing diagnostics, repairs, and calibrations on the various robots kept in storage for future projects. She often anthropomorphizes the drones she works with, treating them with a level of compassion that is completely unnecessary and sometimes off-putting. After she built up enough funds to own some of her own proper drones, she set off for various asteroids around Alabaster, hoping to turn a profit by finding difficult to locate caches of raw materials and selling their locations to mining companies. Her lack of great financial success did not prevent AAA from offering her an opportunity to use her skills in a more productive manner.

Vivienne Sparks

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