Kadashian Thunder Squid



Kadashian Thunder Squid

SquidStrike1.JPG Race: Feral Nephilim
Place of Birth: Kadash
HEIGHT: 30 ft.
BUILD: Squishy, 6 tentacles, thunder gun
EYES: Large, Soulless
HAIR: It’s a Squid

1,000 Credit Reward
(1/3 group resource)

Rank: D

Wanted For

Eating Corporate Emissary Craft entering and leaving Kadash.


Barley Delacroix


It’s that time again. the time when I reach into my overflowing accounts to pay you, accomplished bounty hunters, to scour the corners of the Haven system for the most dangerous, most impressive, and most marketable beasts! It’s about time for us to cycle the exhibits at the Alabaster Zoo, so the quicker the better.

This posting is for the Kadashian Thunder Squid. Not much is known about this incredible creature, other than it poses a relatively minor threat to corporate interests. Reports from black box reports from destroyed craft, pieced together with audio and video recordings suggest a Squid of excessive size able to emit an electrical discharge capable of disabling ill-equipped merchant shuttles.

Audio, Video, and Sensor recordings from destroyed craft.

Psych Profile
Has a thing for small ships.

Kadashian Thunder Squid

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