Locke's Labyrinth

“Shipwrecks abound”

A minefield on the outskirts of the monopoly belt. Minos Station is located within it. It currently is home to a great many pirates.

Navigating the labyrinth in a large vessel requires dealing with the one-two punch of the mines necessitating slow movement and careful scanning, and the dense wreckage concealing ample ambushing positions which smaller and more nimble pirate vessels often take advantage of.
Another possible tactic for a small ship is to fly swiftly by sight, which makes pirates less of an issue, but the only thing standing between you and death by mine are your piloting skills and reflexes.

The labyrinth is a remnant of the great war, a defensive perimeter deployed by the Kaltoran Locke to grind the Nephilim impending invasion of Mishpacha to a halt.

Locke's Labyrinth

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