Mission Report 001


AAA LLC. Headquarters
First Extraction Group (A)
Office of the Operations Officer

Day 11

SUBJECT: Narrative Report of Operations, 1st Extraction Group.
MISSION #001, Codename: Welcome to the Jungle (Rank D)
STATUS: Success

      Bradley Karne, Commanding
      Dehla MIX
      Vivienne Sparks
      Wraith, MVP   W.I.A.

Recover REDACTED from the excavation site on Mishpacha.


1. Extraction team departed in company ship “Spirit of Adventure” on Day 0, and rendezvoused at the Mischpacha LZ on Day 4 without incident.

2. Extraction team made contact with two (2) persons of potential future interest (One Mr. Van Dyke, and One Alexa Pearson) as they proceeded to set boots on ground via shuttle.

3. On arrival, extraction team proceeded to the information center, but discovered their intelligence was wrong: no sites were claimed by AAA LLC., and an overland journey by foot would take eight (8) days instead of two (2). Since extraction team deemed themselves inadequately provisioned for such an extension to mission timelines, they pursued acquiring an overland transport vessel, but were also not equipped with additional provisioning to acquire one. Extraction team hacked the overland transport renter manifest, and found Alexa‘s name on the list.

4. Extraction team searched for, found, and negotiated terms for the borrowing of one overland transport ship with Alexa. In exchange for the promise of a “fair trade” of sufficient value, they acquired the ship on loan. Commendation to Commander Bradley for exemplary performance in this negotiation.

5. Extraction team discovered the transport ship was equipped with numerous tracking devices, and in the interest of non-competition, attempted to disable the sensors to conceal the coordinates of the Site of Interest, but were unsuccessful.

6. Upon entering the immediate airspace of the Site of Interest, extraction team was advised by an unexpected hostile force to depart the airspace immediately. Extraction team complied.

7. Once approx. Three (3) Mikes out, extraction team initiated an overland covert assault through the jungle on said hostile force. They commenced observation operations of the hostile’s encampment, which lasted for one (1) day. Extraction team observed a hostile overland transport departing the hostile compound, heading in the direction of the landing site of their borrowed overland transport. Extraction team deduced the hostile force would likely investigate and track them.

8. Extraction team planned an ambush for the hostile force (n.3), and won a decisive victory with no casualties, acquiring the hostiles’ overland transport and equipment. First hand accounts indicate the hostile pilot was torn from the cockpit through the windshield by an extraction team member using his bare hands.

9. Extraction team breached the hostiles’ camp perimiter by crashing the overland transport into it, entered the camp, and located the REDACTED. Using a heavy Surface to Air battery, they broke the mounting holding the REDACTED in place, and initiated extraction. Unexpected combat with a living statue ambush force (n.4) ensued. Extraction team attempted to collapse the area atop their assailants, but were unsuccessful. The extraction team proceeded to hastily extract the mission objective while still under attack, and exfiltrated the area. Wraith received wounds in action.

10. Extraction team rendezvoused with Alexa and surrendered the captured hostile overland transport to her as payment.

11. Extraction team departed Mischpacha with REDACTED on board company ship “Spirit of Adventure” on Day 6, and rendezvoused at headquarters on Day 10 without incident. This report was filed the following day.


1. Bad Intel
Extraction team was provided with bad intelligence, and inadequately provisioned.

2. Compensation of Third Parties
Due to inadequate provisioning, extraction team was forced to make a deal with third parties, and forfeited one Land-Sky Master to them. While extraction of said vehicle may have been problematic, the loss of these resources is lamentable.

3. Unexpected Hostilities
Extraction team encountered and overcame unexpected opposition that had constructed a base around the Site of Interest. Upon further examination, suspicions that this was the work of REDACTED were raised.

Met People Of Interest:
      Barb from HR
      Bart Delacroix
      Mr. Dick Van Dyke
      Alexa Pearsen

+1/3 resource point
+1 spare time point

What happened to Wraith is a prime example of why we do not provide our associates with insurance in their benefits package. I advise the continuation of this policy.
Future bad intelligence without disclaimer may shake our associates’ faith in us and damage relations. I advise placing a disclaimer or a date of last report on future mission intelligence to prevent this.
In future, it may make sense to provide funding for known incidental mission expenses, so our bottom line is not beholden to the interests of third-party skimmers.
Too much underprovisioning is counterproductive as it has a high probability of being deleterious to mission success, and thus profits, however, this was an appropriate cost-saving measure in this case due to the abundance of space rabbits inhabiting the Area of Operations. I advise discretion as was demonstrated here when defraying expenses in this way.
- REDACTED (Corporate Analyst)

New hires destroy the front door.
New hires were debriefed on policy and the mission.
The team traveled to Mishpacha, provisioned for 10 days.
At the landing station, Vivienne introduced herself and the team to Mr. Dick Van Dyke, a wealthy merchant accompanied by bodyguards, who frequented the planet to go on feral nephilim hunting safaris. As the party prepared to board the shuttle, they had to go through security, but managed to expedite this by cutting in line via intimidation.
On the shuttle to the surface, they met Alexa Pearson, a medical scientist arriving on the planet on an undisclosed mission along with a small army of biological labor robots. She gave them a chilly reception.
Upon arrival on the surface, the party discovered that their intel was wrong. When they inquired, they were informed by a drone that their employer did not have any claims to any known archaeological sites, and what they had been informed would be a two day journey to the site would actually take eight on foot. They also found that ships could be rented for a price, but they had not been provided with funding for this. Wraith blocked the view of onlookers as Vivienne hacked the drone running the greeting center to get a manifest of all the people who had rented a ship recently. On that manifest was Alexa Pearson.
In their time apart, Alexa had done some digging, and seemed to have developed a willingness to assist them, as well as the hots for Bradley. The party bartered usage of her ship in exchange for a 5% stake in whatever they unearthed in their exploration, which she happily agreed to. It began to storm.
On the way to the excavation site, Vivienne attempted to hack the ship to disable its tracking devices, but was unsuccessful. The party decided to attempt to land close to the excavation site before continuing on foot so as not to give their potential competitors the exact location of the site, however they soon judged traveling through the jungle to be untenable. The decided to fly in to the site, but as they approached received a radio communication telling them to leave the area immediately, which was unexpected as they had been informed that noone should be at the site. They turned the ship around, and landed a few miles away, hoping to fake out the decidedly unfriendly force as they approached through the jungle on foot.
They arrived at a legion encampment surrounding the excavation site. Bradley scouted the area out, and the party decided to camp for a day and observe the legion encampment to gather more intel and find an opportunity to launch their attack. The next day, a legion vessel departed from the encampment, heading toward the party’s landing site.
Since it was likely that their vessel and the path they had cut through the jungle would be discovered, the party decided to set up an ambush for their enemies.
Two legions on foot, followed closely by a legion ship towing the party’s ship (on loan from Alexa) approached Wraith, telling him the area was forbidden. He closed the distance to them and put his chest right against the barrel of their guns, before launching a surprise attack with his bare hands. Bradley silently sniped the legion, while Dehla analyzed their enemies and provided moral support. Vivienne launched her ambush using both of her drone turrets, potato and reginald, and the legions went down swiftly.
Wraith jumped onto the ship and pulled the pilot out of the cockpit and began beating him down, while Bradley seized their ship and crashed it through the walls of their encampment.
Once inside, the party found an excavated ancient Kaltoran ruin containing a room filled with statues made of a rare virtually indestructible mineral. By moving one of the encampment’s defensive turrets and firing it, they managed to isolate the central statue from the surrounding stone. Wraith picked it up, and ran to the ship with it, as the other statues came to life.
In the ensuing fight, Dehla came up with a plan to collapse the ruin on these enemies by shattering its critical support structures. Vivienne manned the cannon as Wraith and Bradley attempted to load the statue on to the ship. Vivienne, and Wraith narrowly made it onto the ship in time as it flew away from the stone sentinels.

Alexa got the legion ship in trade for letting the party borrow her ship.
The party recovered several pieces of legion gear.
The statue was extracted successfully.

Mission Report 001

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