Mission Report 027

Vivian is dead. Everyone we know is infected…
except for Kevin, Barak, the two wranglers, and robots.
At least Xander is finally dead.

Attempts to find a cure lead nowhere. Vivian’s attempt to neutralize the nanobot infection via an EMP put her in critical condition. Her consciousness was digitized by an experimental and high-risk procedure as a last ditch effort, and it seems to have worked. We got lucky. But we can’t just digitize everyone.

For everyone else, the question is just: “How long do they have?”

Joel’s investigation (with the help of that insufferable hacker I should have bombed to oblivion when I had the chance) turned up just one thing: a location. It’s on the liberty belt. We can only hope that answers are there. And hope against hope that the answers we might find are the ones we’re looking for.

Is there a cure? Even if there is, can we find it in time?

I’m not infected. I’m not infectable. So I shouldn’t care. But these … associates of mine, something in my programming compels me to help them. It’s not about revenge on CURE. OK, maybe it is a little bit. But I’ll stake my eternal existence, and moreover, the Taxman, to help them maybe live a little longer, or at least cut down their killer.
Whether this ends up being a vengeful suicide mission, or another monomythical tale, I will be their ferryman. Until the bitter end. I have an eternity to fight mechonids, so excuse my ship’s absence from the front a little longer. It’s sorely needed elsewhere right now.
- Commander Ersatz Encephalon, to Palantor High Command

…party details here…

Viv, Commanding
Bradley Karne
Commander Ersatz
Joel Walker
Kevin Brady

Joel Walker
Bartholomew Delacroix
Yatron, Retainer of Azzrtalzh
Zharn, Retainer of Azzrtalzh
Amy Lasers
Athena Swift
Carnegin Jazz
Mr. Vandyke
Eliot Whelmington
Emily Gatling
Gertrude Farnsworth
Lisa Pisa

Hermit? (2ndhand exposure)
Alexa Pearson? (2ndhand exposure)

+ 1 spare time point
+ 2 advancement points
+ 1 / 3 resource

Addendum: Intercepted Comms:
“Top o’ the howdy to ya.” – Vivienne
“I don’t have great conversation skills, it’s ok, I’m a cat!” – Kevin
‘I can assure you as a cat myself, I’m an expert." – Kevin

Mission Report 027

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